Hallowe’en Contest – The Results!

Metrocop Hallowe'en Contest

Hello, everyone! If you were wondering where this post was, you haven’t been following the forums lately – I postponed the end of the comic-making contest slightly to yesterday, November 1st, in order to give people just a little bit more time to finish their entries.

And get some entries we did! Not many, mind you, just four, but the ones we got were all really, really good. It made it hard to pick a definite winner, and even harder to spotlight two entries while leaving two others just as equally great in the dust.

Which actually changed the rules a little bit.

The Plot Twist

I couldn’t just give out two prizes when I had four great comics. Therefore… I got some more!

Yes, I actually decided to go and buy two extra prizes for the remaining contenders. These are not consolation prizes – all four entries were just that good, so…



So here’s how this will work now. There are four games (here in no particular order):

Tales from the Borderlands: Season 1Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Slender: The Arrival Condemned: Criminal Origins

The winner, selected by ESToomere and I, gets to pick which of the four he wants. After that, I’ll chat with the second-place and he gets to pick which of the three remaining games he gets. Then third place gets his pick out of the two remaining games and, last but not particularly least, the final game goes to the final participant.

So, if I’ve made that clear enough, let’s get on to the real action! Let’s see who wins Metrocop’s first contest!

But first, let’s see who took part in this contest and is, therefore, winning a game anyhow, because they’re really cool guys. Whoever scrolls down to the end of the post before that is a loser!

The Contenders

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, in order of release:

Take your time to read through all of those if you haven’t, because I’ve just run out of filler, so I gotta get this show on the road! Let’s get started for realsies!

Note: I’m actually gonna rank these by what ESToomere and I decided, but it was altogether a really close race, so I hope none of the contestants get offended by the order!

Honorable Mention

There was some great competition despite the small number of participants, so there’s no shame in not making it to the top. This comic was extremely enjoyable and anyone who’s read it can attest that it’s not inferior to any of the others – we just kinda liked some details on the others more.

So, the honorable mention goes to…

Honorable Mention: DEATH PRIEST!

Chris’ Death Priest! It’s no slight to you, old boy – it is a brilliant comic! The parody of ’80s, “grindhouse”-style trailers is awesome, and the idea behind it is genius. It certainly gave me a good laugh, so you damn well deserve your prize! I’ll get in touch later, please look forward to it!

Alright, next up is…

Third Place

Per the opinions and discussion between me and ESToomere, the bronze goes to…

Third Place: A Halloween Special

Gogi’s A Hallowe’en Special! It’s admittedly nearly unfair, as by length alone, Gogi’s masterpiece leaves all other entries in the dust – and it’s no slouch either in the humor department. It’s a classic Gogi comic in all the best ways, but it’s also a testament to the quality of the other entries that there’s still two to go on this list. That said, Gogi’s was awesome and that’s ’nuff said – Dre End!

Second Place

So, with two comics left to go, who could’ve we picked second-place over Chris and Gogi’s excellent comics? Let’s see, it’s…

Second Place: Escape from Nova Prospekt: Chapter 01

mcharest’s Escape from Nova Prospekt: Chapter 01! Definitely one of the most visually stunning comics of recent years (and perhaps even of all time), it’s an exciting introduction, and if it were longer it might’ve easily snagged first place! Not that length is any measure of quality, and this comic is certainly evidence of that.

Well, with three out of four entries out of the way, I suppose there’s not much secret regarding…

First Place: The WINNER

Selected by a jury of experts (actually just ESToomere and I, so… two random idiots), the winner of the First Metrocop Contest, also the First Metrocop Hallowe’en Contest, is…

First Place and WINNER: Blood Test

MadmanMad’s Blood Test! While not as lengthy as Gogi’s nor as graphically impressive as mcharest’s, MadmanMad’s entry stands out for its fantastic punchline, a hilarious twist on a The Thing parody that neither I nor Erik, nor seemingly anyone who’s commented on it saw coming. And if the great pacing and humor weren’t enough, MadmanMad even followed it up with another part of the same comic that’s just as hilarious, if not more. It’s so great that I just want to read more of this, and not only was it our unanimous pick for Number 1, but the reaction in the forums proves that it was the right pick. Congratulations, MadmanMad!

Alright, that’s it! Even though I wish we’d gotten more entries, I am so pleased with the four comics we got for this contest (as well as Fort’s upcoming comic, which sadly didn’t get done in time for this, but gets a shoutout nonetheless). All four will be uploaded to the Comic Archive for future reference, as mentioned in the fine print of the original announcement post. I’m extremely excited to have this awesome content saved up for the future!

Thank you so much for participating, you guys, and for everyone else who got interested in this contest. I think it’s a safe bet we’ll have more in the future! Until then, stay tuned, and I hope our four winners enjoy their games!

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