36 Bullets: Act 3 Released and More!

36 Bullets

Hey, guys! I’m still terribly busy with stuff and things, but thankfully the community has been active, so here’s a news update!

First of all, Metrocop Team member Jim_Riley actually posted a comic to the forums a while back, called Slasher Flick. It’s not complete, but it’s certainly worth checking out!
Secondly, remember how last time Arctic Avenger reposted the first two acts of the old classic 36 Bullets? Well, Arctic strikes back with the continuation of the comic, a few pages of a redux version of the first act and some shots from the unreleased Act 4! Go ahead and see them in all their glory in the forums:

36 Bullets: Act 3

In the meantime, things are brewing backstage and I can’t wait to announce them! Stay tuned for more and, hey, why not join the forums? It’s easy!

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