image First Image from Hercule Cubbage Chapter 6

That’s right: Hercule Cubbage is finally coming back, over a year and a half since the last chapter was released! A frankly absurd wait, I admit, but at least it is coming, and I can prove it with this first screenshot reveal:

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage: Chapter 6 Preview
Click for full-resolution version (1600×900 px)

Full disclosure: I was originally aiming to release it next week, on March 25, and ESToomere and I worked on everything with that date in mind, but I’m only about 13% done right now and it’s highly unlikely I could finish it by then.
Therefore, for now I’ll just say it’ll come out “when it’s done”, hopefully in early April. I’d rather take my time in order to make it as good as I can, rather than rush it and disappoint everyone, myself included. Thank you for your patience, especially those of you who’ve been waiting since 2014!

Good news is, it’s not the only comic coming to Metrocop in the near future, so you’ve got plenty to look forward to! I’ll also be releasing more Hercule-related content in the meantime, so stay tuned!

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