Hello! It’s been too long! Sorry we’ve been so quiet, but we were busy working on stuff for the site!

Good news: lots of content is coming to the site! Our awesome Team has brought some of its classic comics as well as new stuff on the works to bring Metrocop back from hibernation. Get excited!

From now on, Metrocop is going to be releasing new stuff on a weekly basis, starting next Wednesday (May 11) with a long lost fan-favorite series from one of the Team members coming back online! If you’ve been around since the heyday of comics, you can probably guess which one I’m talking about – and if not, lucky you, you get to experience it for the first time!

That’s not the only thing we’re working on – among our other initiatives is bringing Metrocop to the modern age of social media, so stay tuned on that – but the main thing is really content, content, content! And we’re gonna have content for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so if there ever was a time to keep an eye on Metrocop, it’s now!

Speaking of, if you’d like to get notifications for every new comic released, subscribe to the blog using the form below! We promise no spam and definitely no ads. Just fun content for you to read!

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Get hyped! Metrocop is going big with comics 3 times a week and we want YOU here to read them! Join us, it’s way more fun here!

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