Kenny the Cop, Episode 1

Kenny the Cop Header

Hello, readers!  Mjolnir here!  Boy, you look great today!  As you may have read on Monday, we here at Metrocop are re-releasing a metric butt load of old comics! This includes my entire archive.  But don’t worry, we’re releasing them in controlled doses over a long period of time so as not to overload your system.  Because we take the health of our readers so seriously, we’ve “hired” a team of mail-order doctors to supervise our releases closely to ensure we don’t exceed the medically-safe limit.  Don’t forget, after being content-starved for so long, too much could kill you!

Anyway, it is my pleasure to kick off the re-releases with the first episode of Kenny of the Cop!   My intention is to provide commentary for each of my comics as they are re-released. For you old-schoolers, get ready to reminisce!  For you new folks, join us as we journey through a river of old (and sometimes terrible) comics! All aboard the nostalgia train! CHOO CHOO!

Kenny the Cop, Episode 1: The Sandwich Stealer was my first ever GMod comic, first posted in February of 2005 on the GMod forums (before it became Facepunch).  At the time there were a number of “dumb combine” characters running around, inspired by the silliness of Geremy Tibbles by Steinmann (who would go on to produce War of the Servers and help found Litfuse Films.)  I’ll admit, I did kind of rip-off  Geremy Tibbles while making Kenny, but I tried to make him different enough to deny the accusation (probably unconvincingly).  But I like to think the series quickly grew out of being a Tibbles imitation.

I was first inspired to make a comic when I watched my older brother make one.  I don’t remember what his was about, but I remember it being more clever than mine.  After seeing how easy it was to make a GMod comic I decided to make one of my own.  So, armed with a crappy computer and a slightly-better-than-MSPaint image editing program from Microsoft Office Suite 2003, my 13-year-old mind came up with this.  That’s one thing to keep in mind as we go along: all my old comics were made when I was between 13 and 15.  My writing process (for lack of a better term) was basically to take a single joke or one-liner and build a comic to include it (in this case: the final exchange about promoting Kenny to a general).

I didn’t expect the reaction I got.  At the time, etiquette required that you give a x/10 rating along with your comment.  I was surprised by all the 7’s, 8’s, and even 9’s people gave me, when I expected 4’s and 5’s.  I suppose that should tell you something of the standard then.  I had expected just to make one comic and be done with it. But the comments were all encouraging and positive, so I decided to stick with it . . . and here we are.

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