Kenny the Cop, Episode 3

It’s Monday again, and today we bring you another episode of Kenny the Cop!

Kenny the Cop 3 Thumbnail

Kenny the Cop, Episode 3: Mistaken Identity, Part I is the story arc that introduces Frederick to the cast.  I figured that introducing a larger cast of characters would help my comic, so I made up some characters that I hoped to bring in a the series went along.  Frederick was the first, but my plans for him were different than what I actually wound up doing, which I’ll talk about more in the later parts.  Of note, the character that eventually became Dillan, the Texan vortigaunt janitor who dies regularly, was conceived at this time as Lebe, a German human janitor who dies regularly. Unfortunately, most of the characters I made up fell by the wayside, which is why Dillan doesn’t show up until episode 20.  This also when I started using “throwaway” frames in the title, which stayed a signature part of my format until the later episodes.

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