Justify the Means, Part 1!

Hello! We continue our wave of weekly releases with a surprise: Justify the Means, a Half-Life 2 series by AJ Rimmer (of Worse than Life fame) which used to be part of the PHWOnline Comic Archive back in the day!

Set five years after the Combine occupation, Justify the Means follows the story of Carl, a dutiful citizen on his way out of City 17. Carl likes the Combine as much as any regular person, but he believes things are safer under their rule. The question, as you may have guessed from the title, is: do the ends really justify the means?

Enjoy the first part of this long-lost, five-part series. It’s quite an excellent series if I do say so myself! You can check part 1 here, or just click on the image below:

Justify the MeansAnd if you’d like to be notified whenever a new comic is out, just subscribe!

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See you again very soon!

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