Kenny the Cop, Episode 4

Another Monday, another Kenny!

Kenny the Cop 4 Thumbnail

Kenny the Cop, Episode 4: Mistaken Identity, Part II establishes Frederick’s whole reason for hating Kenny… and really his whole situation.  Red vs Blue was my biggest influence at the time.  If you’re familiar with the show (or at least season 1), then you might notice that Frederick, Couper, and Kenny have a similar dynamic as Church, Tucker, and Caboose.  Specifically, Frederick/Church hates everyone but at least gets along with Couper/Tucker, but both of them can’t stand Kenny/Caboose.  Additionally, I had planned on another similarity to Red vs Blue… which I’ll talk about next week.

Here, also, is the first reference to the “Luau Incident” which is referenced several times throughout the series.

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