Clover’s Other Comics: Rhetorical Questions

Hi again! You know the drill by now: it’s Friday, so another comic is here! And today, it’s one by a long-running fan-favorite, too.

As it so happens, while we were unfortunately unable to find any lost issues of Jeff besides #109, we have recently managed to retrieve a bunch of single comics by its author, Clover. We’re starting those re-releases today with a very short comic, Rhetorical Questions 1:

rhetorical-thumbIt’s just one panel, but consider it a hilarious taste of all the goodness that is to come! We got a lot of alternating stuff on Fridays, from Clover’s lost comics to AJ Rimmer’s Justify the Means, Jim_Riley and Uberslug’s Gray Saints as well as other surprises in store.

Stay tuned for more, and see you again on Monday!

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