Kenny the Cop, Episode 5

Today we bring you another episode of Kenny the Cop!

Kenny the Cop 4 Thumbnail

Kenny the Cop, episode 5: Mistaken Identity, Part III is the last part in the Frederick arc.  Last week I mentioned that Red vs Blue was my biggest influence at the time (this episode has a direct reference).  My original plan for Frederick was to have him die by accident then come back as ghost. But I decided that would have been too blatant a rip-off and nixed that idea.

The zombie/melon gag is a running joke from back in the day. If I recall correctly, the joke started with the classic Afro Zombie comics, which starred a zombie (with an afro) who was always seeking melons.  After that, zombies going after melons was a common cliché in GMod comics.

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  1. Just wanna point out the melon joke originates in Half-Life 2, where Dr. Kleiner leaves a note to get watermelon for Lamarr.

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