Mjolnir Short: Two’s Company

Humpdaaay!  Today’s short stars two bored Nova Prospekt Guards.

Two's Company

Two’s Company is one of my personal favorites.  I re-posted it on the Metrocop forums over a year ago when I first joined (has it really been that long?)  I’ll offer the same commentary here as I did then:

Back on the PHW Forums, when Michael created the Approved Comic Maker title, he made a thread for applicants to post their comics. But the rule was you couldn’t submit an old comic, you had to make a brand new one and post that. This was my submission, published in March 2006.

I always loved Nova Prospekt, it’s possibly my favorite chapter of Half-Life 2. The antlion gameplay was always the best (but I hated the turret defense sections and antlion queen fights). Plus, I thought it was cool that the Nova Prospekt guards got their own uniform. However, the dark lighting in some sections made comic making a little difficult. You can tell in some frames where I used a lamp to light the character, and some frames where I forgot.

Anyway, for those who share my sentiment, we’ll be revisiting Nova Prospekt in a later short.  And whenever I get around to it, you’ll get to see a new take on Nova Prospekt in future episodes of Combine Exchange Program!

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