Clover’s Other Comics: Rhetorical Questions 2

Hello again! Mythos here, bringing you today’s comic – another short comic by all-star creator Clover! It’s another rhetorical question, this time starring the greatest villain of all time, Darth Vader Hitler! Go ahead, read it!

rhetorical-2-thumbFull disclosure: this is one of the most memorable Garry’s Mod comics of all time for me. Seriously! For some reason it stuck to my memory ever since I first read it. I still vividly remember having an ICT class in high school and getting distracted with the latest comic on PHWOnline, which happened to be this one. It’s great to finally see it again after so many years, even if it makes me feel so old.

Well, you know more good stuff’s gonna keep a-coming, so stay tuned to Metrocop! See ya soon!

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