Clover’s Other Comics: Mac vs. PC

Hello! Here’s another one of Clover’s long-lost classics we’ve managed to retrieve: Mac vs. PC!

Mac vs. PC ThumbnailThis one might need a bit of an explanation if you weren’t around the Internet in 2006, so here goes:
Back in the olden days, when Apple wasn’t as massive as it is now (yes, kiddos, it’s true; there were such dark days once), it started a big advertising campaign for Macs called “Get a Mac”, also colloquially known as “Mac vs. PC.” The ads were basically two guys who personified the two competitors – one was a chubby, boring nerd representing PC, the other was a cool-by-00’s-standards dude representing Mac. The whole point of this marketing campaign was to make PC look boring and Mac hip. That was basically the gist of it; if you want, you can read more on Wikipedia, or even watch all of these ads on YouTube. Long story short, that’s what Clover’s comic was about.

Well, that’s it for now, but remember: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we release a new comic, so stay tuned to Metrocop!

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