Mjolnir Short: A Dusty Trap

Enjoy a short on this fine Wednesday!

A Dusty Trap

A Dusty Trap is certainly a product of its time.  This comic was published in 2006, which was the height of the Iraq war.  To some it may seem politically incorrect or at least dated.  But it is what it is.  Those who remember me from the PHW Forums may remember my vocal support for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and my incessant patriotism.  But that was when I was 15 and sure of my political opinions.  Now I’m almost 25 and less certain in my politics and much quieter in my patriotism.

Politics aside, I do like the posing and visual execution of this comic.  This is around when I started getting good at running poses.  Counter-Strike: Source ragdolls were a pain to deal with, but they had a lot more joints and movable parts, so with enough patience you could get pretty good poses.  If I recall correctly, the finger poser even worked on their toes (note the SAS soldier’s foot while crouched).

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