Mjolnir Short: Cosplaying

Happy Wednesday!


Some people may be confused by the joke in Cosplaying.  Like last week’s comic, this one is perhaps a product of its time, or at least a product of its community.  I didn’t know much about cosplaying at the time.  Everything I knew about it was from what people said on the forums.  Maybe this is selective memory, but I remember cosplayers being one of those subcultures that was popular to make fun of, like emos or furries.  In that context it was easy to make a joke about someone feeling dirty for having accidentally cosplayed.

Nowadays cosplaying is more widely accepted and fairly mainstream.  In fact, the craftsmanship and creativity that go into some costumes is impressive.  I’ve never cosplayed, but given the time and the right group of people I wouldn’t mind dressing up and going to a convention or two.

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