4 Years of Metrocop!

On August 31, 2012, a little website called Metrocop started life. Can you believe it’s been four years already? And, against the odds, we’re still very much kicking!

We now count with over 400 comics in the Archive, increasing on a weekly basis thanks to the comics of classic authors such as Clover, AJ Rimmer and, of course, Mjolnir82991. Plus upcoming comics from old favorites like Jim_Riley and promising upstarts in the horizon. I dare say we’ve got a good run so far keeping GMod comics alive, and we’re only getting started!

That said, unfortunately it can’t all be good news. Full disclosure: I had hoped to release the long-gestating next chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage tomorrow, but that’s now impossible. Still, tomorrow’s also the fourth anniversary of the series, so I’ll definitely have something to share nonetheless.

Thank you so much for sticking with Metrocop for the past 4 years. Please stick around for the good times we’ve got ahead!

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