Happy Birthday, Hercule Cubbage!

Hello! Just like yesterday marked four years since Metrocop began, today also marks four years since the first chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage was released! Hooray! More awkwardly, though, next week will also mark two years since the last chapter so far was released. Whoops.

As it turns out, I have been hard at work on Chapter Six of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, “It’s Safer Here.” Unfortunately, despite my best efforts and even better intentions, I didn’t manage to get it done in time for today. Right now it’s 55% done and progressing rapidly, but thanks to life and a job, it just wasn’t doable to have it ready. Plus, I’d rather take my time and make it as good as possible rather than rush it out. As a wise man once said:

So, yeah. Awwwwkward.

However! I do have something for you! Chapter Six is finally coming soon, most likely within the next two weeks, and in the meantime I have some goodies for you.

Do you like character posters? I like character posters. Here, have some character posters. (Click each thumbnail for the full-size version)

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Poster - HerculeThe Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Poster - LucyThe Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Poster - Odessa

There are three more posters coming featuring all-new characters to the series, but for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’ll save those up for after the release of the upcoming chapter!

And if that’s not enough, here’s a couple of exclusive screenshots from Chapter Six as well to tide you over. Again, click on the images to open a larger version (1600×900):

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Chapter 6 Preview 1 The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Chapter 6 Preview 2

On a bit of a side note, it might also interest to know I’ve been working with Seaman (responsible for the Russian translation of Worse than Life) to translate The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage to Russian! He’s already given me a translated script for Chapter One, which I’ll finish translating once Chapter Six is done.

In any case, Chapter Six is finally coming, so stay tuned! As always, if you want to be sure to get all the latest Metrocop news, subscribe to the site using the form below:

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I will see you up ahead!

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