Kenny the Cop, Episode 20

Monday is here again. You know what that means…

Kenny the Cop, Episode 20: All Play and No Work introduces Dillan as gm_construct’s new janitor.  As I previously mentioned, Dillan’s character was first conceived as a German human named Lebe.  How I went from that to a Texan vortigaunt named Dillan, I don’t know. Such is the creative process.  Also, is Dillan actually from Texas, or does he just think he is? Such question may never be answered…

This is also the first Kenny episode made using Photoshop.  I didn’t have money for Photoshop CS3 at the time, and I hadn’t dared to pirate it. So I borrowed my mom’s copy of Elements, which worked suitably.  I had a hard time following tutorials, though, since most were made using CS3.

One comment

  1. It’s great fun to see the evolution of Kenny the Cop on a weekly basis. This is the point where the editing starts to seriously improve, although if I recall correctly, the real big change will be in episodes 30-ish.

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