Kenny the Cop, Episode 21

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Kenny the Cop, Episode 21: Dillan’s Gift introduces Dillan’s gimmick.  This episode marks the begging of a transitional period where I experimented with comic page layouts.  Over the next dozen or so episodes you’ll see how my editing style transitioned into the style I use today.

A little bit background explanation may be required.  The bikini-clad Japanese girl, known as Korin, was a model that was making its rounds in the GMod community. (Is she an anime character? I have no idea.) Naturally, since the GMod community was made up of mostly teenage boys, Korin was very popular and popped up in many comics.  As with all things popular, there was an eventual backlash and people made comics mocking the use of the Korin model, myself included.

Also, I have no idea what the kanji mean.  In my ignorance, I downloaded a “Japanese” font and I forget what I typed.  For those of you who can read kanji, you must be very confused.

Finally, the ending line is a South Park reference.  Please do not sue me, Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker.

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