Mjolnir Short: The Trouble With the Can

It’s Wednesday again! Today I bring you the last short in my collection.

The Trouble with the Can

The Trouble With the Can was published in March 2008. It was the last comic I made around the time of the Great Fall of PHW. It would be seven years before I made another comic. Pretty much when PHW went down, I lost my audience and the sole reason behind my comic-making along with it. Additionally, I had other things demanding my attention, being a sophomore in high school at the time.

Looking back on it, I think telling a story without dialogue is a very useful exercise for any comic maker. Being able to convey actions, relationships, and emotions visually is the very foundation of comics. Dialogue should only be secondary. Of course, I realize this only now, years after the fact. But still, it’s a useful lesson for the future.

In any case, this is one my favorites. I like how the facial expressions and body language turned out. And it has a sort of timeless quality to it. Unlike a lot of my other comics, this one would have fit in any universe, not just the world of Half-Life 2 or the GMod community. I think it was a good stopping point for my “career”. And yes, I realize I misspelled “hardware”.

That does it for the shorts (for now). But there are still plenty of Kenny the Cop episodes to enjoy in the coming weeks!  We’ll continue that particular journey through time again on Monday!

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