Kenny the Cop, Episode 24

This week you get not one, but two Kenny episodes! Mythos has some more releases coming up to fill the Wednesday slot next week, so stay tuned!

Kenny the Cop, Episode 24: A Non-Sequitur, Part I: Is the start of another random adventure for Kenny, this time involving cameos and Mingebags.

For those not familiar with GMod lore: a Mingebag refers to a newbie or troll player in GMod multiplayer.  It originates from the days before GMod 10 when the default player model was Dr. Kleiner in a neutral pose and the default player name was “Mingebag”.  You could tell someone was a newbie if they hadn’t changed their name and player model. But Mingebags also became synonymous with trolls who would join random public servers and spam items from the spawn menu (typically giant chimneys) and crash the server.  Thus, the Mingebag became a character in GMod lore that spammed chimneys, spoke in terrible chat speak, and generally created chaos wherever they went.

This episode also features cameos from some of the “stupid” characters that had appeared throughout GMod comic history.  Geremy Tibbles is the most well-known, of course.  But Herb and Baka were a little more obscure.  I made up Sam the Retard as a joke.

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