Re-releasing Striker89’s comics: Living in City 17!

Hey, guys! Like Mjolnir mentioned last Monday, starting today, we’re getting whole new re-releases coming!

Metrocop is proud to re-release the series of Striker89, a comic maker with a long career who was part of the legendary GMod comics group Tribal Rose. My thanks to Striker89 himself for sending his archive and making this happen, I’m very excited to bring these long-lost series back to life (no pun intended)!

We’re starting off this onslaught of content with his original series, Living in City 17. Clearly inspired by Concerned – to the point where the first episode has a very meta reference to it -, LIC17 soon stands out on its own by a very unique sense of humor. I think you’ll enjoy these a lot, and with 28 issues there’s a lot to see!

Without further ado, click here or the banner below to start off with #1:

Living in City 17 Banner

I’ll leave you to it! Check back very soon for more new content and a few surprises. Thanks for reading!


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