Kenny the Cop, Episode 27

Welcome back! Here’s an episode of Kenny.

Kenny the Cop, Episode 27: The Return came after a 7-month hiatus in 2006 where I didn’t make any KtC episodes.  During that time I only produced shorts.  The time difference can easily be seen by the changed editing style between this episode and the the previous.

This comic marks the beginning of what I think are the best episodes of the series.  Many readers will note the short parody of Shazbot’s style, which is personally my favorite part of the comic (also, it’s hard to tell by the weapon placement, but Wilbur is actually wearing tiny sunglasses.)  For the record, I hold no ill-feelings towards Shazbot. ILY Shazzy bby ❤

After this comic, I noticed an increased use of the phrase “fucking epic” around PHW and Facepunch.  Of course I realize the phrase predates my use of it, but a small, egotistical part of me likes to think I made it popular.

(Also, I’m aware of the typo.)


  1. I agree with you there, Kenny the Cop really hit its stride in episode 27 – it went from a great series to an absolute masterpiece. That six-month hiatus really worked for its quality – I wonder what a ten-year hiatus would do…?

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