Kenny the Cop, Episode 34

Here we are, the last episode of Kenny the Cop.

Kenny the Cop, Episode 34: Pains, Gains, and Piggyback Rides is, funnily enough, what I consider to be the best episode in the series.  I owe it largely to the fact that this was the only episode where I wrote a script before hand.  The result was a more cohesive and tightly written story line, where jokes were set up, had variations and payoffs.  I hadn’t planned on this being the last episode, but I think this was nevertheless a good place to leave it.

Final thoughts:

I owe a lot to Kenny the Cop.  As you all have seen, my writing, posing, and editing skills evolved tremendously over the course of the series.  The childish and unfocused writing of the early episodes make me cringe, but the later episodes I look back at with pride.  Creating GMod comics had a profound impact on my sense of humor and writing ability, which has in turn had an impact on my personal, academic, and professional life since.  Every time my friends and I put together a skit, you can guess who wrote the script.  Every time I had a college class that had a “creative” assignment, you bet I applied my sense of humor to it.  Even now in my current occupation as an Air Force officer, I have found that humor is as vital to leading an organization of military professionals as any other quality.

I think the greatest desire of any human being is to know that what they’ve done has had an impact on someone, somewhere, even if it was in a small way.  I want to thank everyone at Metrocop for making me feel appreciated.  I want to thank Mythos for reaching out to me and offering me the opportunity to share my comics again.  His enthusiasm and dedication is the heart and soul of this community.  Finally, I want to thank all you readers for joining me on this (somewhat self-indulgent) journey through GMod comic history.

I’m not done making content.  My job keeps me busy (in fact, I’ll be deploying in a few months), but I’m keeping the dream of becoming a writer alive.  If you don’t see comics from me, then maybe you’ll see short stories and poems.  In any case, if anyone wants to message me, whether it’s to pick my brain or just say hi, I’m always open. I check the forums almost daily, even if I don’t post very often.

Again, thank you. Keep the dream alive!

One comment

  1. So when is Episode 35 coming out?

    I kid (sort of – I wouldn’t mind seeing a Season 2 or a reboot!). Don’t thank me, it was my pleasure hosting what is definitely one of the top 5 Garry’s Mod comics of all time, not to mention one of the best webcomics in general ever as well. I’m the one who’d like to thank you for bringing these back after being lost for so long, and letting me give them a place to stay. Now, unless dies, they’ll always have a place to stay.

    Also, for what it’s worth, Kenny the Cop has always been a huge inspiration for me. Unlike you, I actually do enjoy the first few issues – they have a few growing pains but they’re still highly entertaining in general. The last few, on the other hand, are definitely some of the best and most professional comics ever made. You honestly could’ve made a living out of something like this, and they remain a gold standard for anyone trying their hand at comics.

    Thank you, Mjolnir, for making these back then and taking the time to share them, every week, during 2016. Now Kenny has a home again!

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