Striker89 Gets Initiated

Why hello there, you smart and beautiful person. I know we’re all reeling from the devastating Sweden incident during the weekend, but let’s take a brief escape from the horribleness of the world’s alternative facts and look back to simpler times. It’s time for another Striker89 comic!

Striker89 Gets Initiated, while a relatively straightforward comic, is a milestone given that it marks a big moment in GMod comic history. Tribal Rose, if you don’t know, was a very popular and fairly active group of Garry’s Mod comic makers, with Nexus_Elite, Near Elite, Divided and a couple of others composing this small elite team. This comic was when Striker89 joined the ranks, forever becoming a part of their history.

It’s also a really fun perskin comic, and boy, do I miss those.


Come back next Wednesday as we reach the penultimate issue of Living in City 17: The Original Series, and keep checking us every so often for new stuff! I’m still working hard on a full-time job but I’ve recently managed to free up a teeny tiny smudge of free time, gonna try to use that to get back into the biz of making comics, rather than just uploading them. Fingers crossed!

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