Life Outside the City Ep. 3

Hi, guys!! Sorry we missed Monday’s comic, that’s on me for being way too busy with work. Luckily I’ve managed to stave off exhaustion long enough to get today’s comic ready, so you’re in luck! Enjoy Episode 3 of Striker89’s Life Outside the City:

Speaking of Striker89, he left a message to share with everyone enjoying his comic and particularly the comic making crowd. Here it goes:


First, I’d like to thank Mythos for bringing back the heyday’s of Facepunch/PHW to really appreciate all the hard work we’ve all put in over these many years. Having this tight knit community of creators discussing and sharing ideas have helped not only myself, but many others improve our craft and grow as individuals.

My journey through Facepunch is similar to many of yours, through the early days of GMod, editing HL2 files, composing scenes and creating layouts, crafting interesting and experimental stories, and above all, having the backing of a welcoming community to help us achieve our goals.

While I haven’t been as active in GMod as I once was, I’ve still been itching to outlet my creativity in some way. One piece of the comic-making scene that I’ve loved above all was the story. Creating unique and interesting characters and throwing them into scenarios (whether they be fantastical or semi-realistic) has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to further that passion through writing.

That is why, I invite you who’ve enjoyed my work to visit, and subscribe to my new WordPress blog, There, I’ll be posting short stories, random thoughts, anything I think my readers would enjoy.

As a final piece, I’d like to say that, while I’m not booting up GMod as regularly as I had been in the past, I’m still creating. While I may not be making GMod comics, I won’t rule out traditional comic-making/graphic novels if and idea is too good to ignore.

Once again, thank you all for your many years of support, and as always, I will be here to help anyone improve their work, as you all have helped me improve mine.


We’ll be back Monday (for real this time) with another one of his single comics. Stay tuned!

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