Gogi’s Creepy New Skin

Hello there! April 1st came and went and we really didn’t do anything besides Fort saying on the Discord that Metrocop was gonna be a subscription service – which was a good idea for a joke, mind you, but I’m kind of done with the concept of April Fools. To be honest, I don’t think we can ever top 2014’s “Hercool Cabbage” bit.

Anyhoo! If you were disappointed by the lack of April Fools content, never fear, for we have your typical tomfoolery with today’s Striker89 comic re-release! This one’s a short one introducing Gogi’s new (at the time) personal skin:

You may remember Gogi from his excellent The Quest series of 2014, the last GMod comic series to actually get finished. I’ll say, I find the skin from this comic to be quite iconic – even more so than his later Combine soldier perskin. Then again, it is pretty creepy!

That’s all for today, but be sure to check in next Wednesday for the last installment of Life Outside the City. See you soon!

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