LIC17: Rebirth #1

Good morning (or afternoon or evening, depending on the timezone)! Here we are at last, the final series of Striker89’s Half-Life 2 series, Living in City 17. As I mentioned in our previous post on the subject, the second series, Life Outside the City, was abandoned after its fifth episode in 2009. After years with no news, Striker89 brought it back in 2014 with a revamped series. After all, a new beginning was needed. A rebirth, even. Hence…

LIC17: Rebirth loosely follows the events of the previous series (although Allen Crow’s funeral seems to have become an aborted arc of sorts). We pick up with Frank Byrne waking up to… well, I won’t spoil any further. Just go ahead and read it:

Sadly, this series wasn’t long for this world with only 3 issues. Next week we’ll follow up with #2, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more fun single comics. Arrivederci!

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