LIC17: Rebirth #2

Hello and welcome back to City 17! We’re halfway through the sadly short-lived third Living in City 17 series, Striker89’s LIC17: Rebirth. It’s an enjoyable if unfinished romp, which continues today with everyone’s favorite character: Hobo Breen! Take a gander:

Before you ask: no, I’m not entirely sure who Marcus is supposed to be, though I believe he’s meant to be Wallace Breen’s brother. I can always go to Striker89 for confirmation, but it seems like a safe bet given their dialogue and resemblance. And I gotta admit, Breen having a(n older?) brother is pretty damn interesting! Plus, Hobo Breen was always great fun.

Next Wednesday we finish up the whole saga with the (somewhat abrupt) final installment of the series. I won’t spoil how it ends, just that… well, it doesn’t end, really. You’ll see for yourself, so see you soon!

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