LIC17: Rebirth #3 – Series Finale

So, here we are at last. For the past six months, Metrocop has been re-releasing the entirety of Striker89’s Half-Life 2 comic series Living in City 17. Today, we arrive at the finale – the third and, unfortunately, last installment of LIC17: Rebirth, itself the 2014 sequel to a saga that originated in 2008. Without further ado, enjoy the last comic we have for Living in City 17:

Somewhat anti-climatic, maybe, but it wasn’t intended to be the end. Just another casualty of Garry’s Mod comic maker’s tendency to abandon their series. Hey, it’s not like most series last this long – LIC17 had one full run, followed by two attempts at sequels. That gives a total of 28 comics, which is far from shabby.

Besides, I have some good news! Not only will Mondays and Wednesdays continue to be active, thanks to the remainder of Striker89’s standalone comics, but next Friday we’ll be releasing the first installment of a brand-new Jim_Riley series! He’s already leaked the news over at the forums, so feel free to check those up if you crave more intel. Otherwise, check back Friday for a new Metrocop series!

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