Jim_Riley’s 36 Bullets: Redux, Act 1

Well, you look at that! A brand new comic, for once! And it’s only been a month and a half since the last one! Amazing.

The ever-reliable, ever-awesome Jim_Riley is back at it, bringing his superstar skills and years of experience into a long-dead project: 36 Bullets, a classic comic originally by Ben_912 that forum member Arctic Avenger previously re-released in November 2015, which we highlighted way back then. Jim_Riley’s take, while heavily inspired by the original’s first Act, is more of a reimagining.

Without further ado, enjoy the rebirth of a classic with 36 Bullets: Redux, Act 1:

Craving more already? Well, Jim_Riley’s plan is to make this a series of comparatively shorter comics that take less time to make, so hopefully you’ll get to see more of Allen Mauck soon enough! In the meantime, we continue our schedule of re-releases with some more Striker89 comics next Monday. See ya!

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