A Word from Striker89

Hey there! We’re reaching the end of Striker89’s vault of Garry’s Mod comics, there’s about two and a half week’s worth of content left. Today’s a simpler comic, his first in 2008 after a couple months of inactivity. Take a look:

Man, I miss the days when a couple of months with no comic was basically being dead in this community! But I should stop looking at the past, get my shit together and work towards the future. Soon!

Oh, by the way, I’ve also actually found some separate, unfinished comics online that Striker did not include in the files he sent me, so I might as well go grab those too to make this the most complete collection.

In the meantime, next Wednesday there’s another of his 2008 comics, and next week I start re-releasing a particular collection of an unofficial series. Stay tuned for more!

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