The Response War: In Response To…

Hello! We’re in the final stretch of Striker89 comics now, bringing a series of interconnected comics dubbed… The Response War! This sort-of-series was released throughout April 2007, and unfortunately I only have Striker’s side of things as it clearly involved comics from a few people. Maybe someday we’ll be lucky enough to find the remaining ones, but Striker’s are pretty entertaining regardless!

The first one is called In Response To… and is basically a standalone comic that serves as a reply to some comic by Divided that slighted Striker89 somehow. Have a read:

On a more personal note, this series of comics reminds me so much of The PoB/CR-O War, another “War” series that came out about a year later. I admit, I loved these little confrontations we used to have on these forums – maybe we still have enough people to pull another one off someday!

Next Wednesday, we continue The Response War with Respond This!, by Striker89 and Divided. Stay tuned!

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