Outpost 7

Hello! You may or may not have noticed I mentioned we’d have the last Striker89 comic we could get our hands on last Wednesday, but there was no comic. The reason for this is because I had a hectic week (finishing up a hectic month) and I didn’t get a chance to get everything ready. Sorry!

Still, we’re here now with said comic. This one was supposed to be the pilot episode for a series called Outpost 7, which I managed to retrieve from one of the most terrifying places left in the public web… Photobucket. *shivers*

I’ll let Striker89 himself (well, his 2009 self) explain the concept:

Outpost 7 WAS going to be a comic about several “reject” combine soldiers stationed at an outpost deep in the forest where they could only harm themselves. This was one of the character intros, specifically…Dewy.

And here’s Dewy’s intro for your enjoyment:

Curiously, the concept is fairly similar to another series we already have archived, GrowingDelirium’s Combine Commune. Feel free to enjoy that series after you read Outpost 7!

Aaaand that’s it for Striker89’s archive! Thanks again to Brian for sharing his entire collection, it’s been quite a read and an amazing blast from the past. It’s our pleasure and absolute pride to host his classics and I’m truly glad they get to have a home again. It’s quite a legacy!

In the meantime, as I mentioned previously, I do have some comics by another author to host next – shouldn’t be too many, and to be honest quite a few have already been re-released on the forums (that should give you a hint), but it’ll keep us afloat content-wise for a little bit longer. I imagine I’ll start releasing them next week rather than this Wednesday since I do have things to set up for that, apologies in advance for the wait. And in the meantime, if any other classic creators want to step up and share their stuff, please get in touch! I’d be thrilled to have more classics on Metrocop.

Once more, our thanks to Striker89, and to you as well for reading!

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