Subject 23: Part One

Hey, guys! We’re a little later than usual because I’ve been a busy bee, but don’t fret – today’s comic is here! Introducing a second Half-Life story by Pyren: Subject 23!

As much as I love Infection, Subject 23 is by far my favorite of Pyren’s series, and even one of my favorite Garry’s Mod comic series of all time. Whereas Infection, as clever as it is, was clearly the work of a newcomer, by the time of Subject 23 Pyren was firing on all cylinders. This series is much better edited, much better paced – in fact, it’s perfectly split into three parts, with a clear beginning, middle and end – and has a genuinely intriguing story and characters. Plus, it features good old Odessa Cubbage, who of course we all love!

So let’s cut to the chase: enjoy Part One of Subject 23 by Pyren!

Next Monday we’re back to Pyren with the finale to Infection, followed by the middle act of Subject 23. It’s gonna be a damn good week! See ya!

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