Infection 2

Hello there – do I have a treat for you today! A long-lost comic from over a decade ago… Pyren’s Infection 2!

The sequel to Infection, sadly Pyren only ever released the prologue, but it’s still a pretty iconic comic nonetheless. Whereas the original series was more of a thriller – even Matrix-esque in some bits -, Infection 2 went full-on horror, and it’s great. About a third of the prologue is a recap of the original series with a horror touch, the rest is all brand new.

Without further ado, welcome to a world of survival horror:

This is not the ultimate end of Infection, though. Before we’re through, I’ll still re-release another classic: a redux version of today’s comic created by the incomparable (and infamous) artist Shazbot! But even before that, you’ll get a bit more Infection from the final act of Pyren’s Subject 23, which reveals some shocking ties into this classic series. Don’t miss it!

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