Infection 2: Redux

Welcome back to the world of survival horror… the world of Infection! Last week, we released Pyren’s prologue to Infection 2. This time, we’re bringing you something slightly different – a distinct take on the same comic, by a different author.

I’ve mentioned Shazbot before – an infamous comic maker from a decade ago who was as known for his works as for his ego. He had a very distinct editing style which made his comics fairly unique, but an acquired taste for some. Personally, I always enjoyed them, although I think some of his techniques aged very poorly in hindsight, but I still get a kick out of reading whatever Shazbot comics I can find.

One of those comics was a “Redux” – a remix, if you will – of Pyren’s Infection 2 prologue. It’s essentially the same comic story-wise, although it takes a few creative liberties (and even retcons Subject 23 if you pay attention), but with a completely different look to it. It’s a fascinating exercise in seeing someone’s work reinterpreted through the eyes of another, and it’s an unforgettable comic, to the point some people believe to this day that this is the actual Infection 2!

But enough blabbering from me. Enjoy the comic and feel free to discuss it in the comments below if you want to hear more of my take on it:

And with that, the Infection saga is over. Sadly there was never a follow-up from either Pyren or Shazbot, but overall, even though the numbered sequel never got continued, it is still a fairly complete saga – especially considering Subject 23 [SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YET] is the actual sequel to Infection‘s story. Alex Jacobs’ story is complete.

But we’re not quite done with Pyren yet. There’s still a couple of standalone comics to release, so we’ll continue with those through this and the next week. In the meantime, enjoy your Summer!

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