Near Elite’s The Last War comes to Metrocop

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you today!

Karl Gustafsson a.k.a. Near Elite, one of the most revered Garry’s Mod comic makers of the old days – when he was reputable enough to be both a member of the elite Tribal Rose team as well as the PHWOnline Comics Team, an even more select group -, was kind enough to look into his backups to see what classic comics he could recover. Luckily, he found quite a few, including his most notorious and beloved work.

Metrocop is proud to announce we will be hosting Near Elite’s The Last War starting today, with the release of the prologue issue, to be followed by the existing parts every Monday for the next few weeks!

The Last War is one of those comics where the overused word “epic” actually applies. While it starts off relatively small, it only keeps escalating as the series continues, culminating in some really amazing moments. The pacing is excellent – I swear, I found myself holding my breath at some of the tensest moments in the series -, the story is pretty captivating and the cinematic style holds up amazing well, even after a decade. Also, it’s amusing, if a bit eye-opening, how the series is set in the then-near-future of… 2015. Man, the future was two years ago!

Anyway, enough yapping about how good this series is, there’ll be time for that later! Let’s start off small and simple with the prologue of the series. Click the cover below and enjoy!

It’s times like this I love having this site. Stay tuned for more Near Elite goodies soon – and The Last War continues next Monday!

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