Team Life, Chapter I

Back in 2014, with Metrocop already in its second year of existence, there was what I once, somewhat prematurely, called a “Comic Renaissance” – a number of high-profile, old-school comic makers came back from retirement to post completely new material, which was honestly quite thrilling (and I wouldn’t mind seeing a repeat, to be honest!).

One such author was Near Elite, who came back out of the blue to post the first chapter of an idea so completely brilliant and so blindingly obvious in hindsight that I still kick myself, to this very day, that I didn’t think of it earlier: a crossover between the colorful Team Fortress 2 characters and the dystopian world of Half-Life 2.

On the other hand, though, I’m glad I wasn’t the one who got the idea, because Near did a much better job than I ever could and wrote an excellent, albeit sadly short-lived, series with that concept: Team Life. Today we’re releasing the first chapter of that series, to be followed by Chapter II next week!

Click the cover to read the first chapter!

It might be the best comic series we’ve gotten in the past five years, that’s how good it is. So what are you waiting for? Go read! If you don’t want to click the image above, just click here, but don’t miss this!

Enjoy the comic and remember, next week we’ll continue to release more great comics by Near Elite, so check back on Monday!

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