We updated the Comic Archive!

Hi! You know the Comic Archive, where we keep hundreds of high-quality Garry’s Mod comics both old and new-ish? Well, we just changed it up a bit!

Ever since we debuted the Archive way back in 2014, we’ve used some sizeable images as covers to represent each series that was uploaded. That was fine when we had about 12 or so series, but with 45 current series and more on the way, it’s become a bit too unwieldy for smaller screen resolutions. Not to mention, since it’s so hard to reach the bottom, some fantastic comics are just hidden away at the bottom of the Archive, and that won’t do!

With that in mind, the Metrocop Team worked on updating all banners to a slimmer size, so that’s it’s much easier to scroll down if you have an itty-bitty screen (by today’s UHD 4K HDR BBQ standards).

Since many of these banners are now over three years old, it also let us refresh them a bit and come up with more visually appealing ones! Here are some of my personal favorites (with links to the respective comics, so you can also go read or re-read these classics):

My Last Night in RavenholmBraneWorldsHalf-SpartanCouchThe Other Side


Now, admittedly, this is a bit of a short-sighted solution, as these banners are technically quite tiny and people are more and more getting 4K screens, making them quite microscopic. I’ve got a few ideas in mind on how to fix that (e.g. make it so different, larger banners are presented in higher resolutions, which is pretty easy to do in HTML), but to be honest it’s part of a larger problem of the site where nothing is ready for 4K. To be fair, we’ve got material from as far back as 2007, but personally I’ve already switched to making 2000x2828px pages for my upcoming comics, so I’ve got that in mind.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, just a quick update on ye olde Metrocoppe! Stay tuned for more Near Elite comics real soon, though!

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