Near Elite’s About returns

Hey, ladies and gents! We took a little break during late 2017 from the re-releases, but now we’re re-energized and ready to proceed with another classic: Near Elite’s first proper series, About!

According to Near himself, this was the first series he can remember getting some actual positive feedback, which led to him continuing it for a while – eventually reaching a grand total of 36 comics for ‘Generation 1’, as he put it, of About. Later on the series would resurface with Generation 2 in April 2007, soon after Near Elite joined the PHW Comics Team.

Admittedly the first generation of About is a little primitive compared to Near’s later works, but I still found them very enjoyable! Also, we just so happen to have some personal notes by Near Elite himself for every single issue, so enjoy the behind-the-scenes commentary.

Anyway, onto the very first comic in the series, About – cs_italy:

And here’s what Near had to say about the making of this one:

“Borrowing” comic effects from third-party sites is a simple but effective method to make one seem like a better comic maker.

Now, don’t go anywhere because we’ll have another series by Near coming up on Wednesday! Or, well, go wherever you need to for the next couple of days, but come back right after to see a proper– er, I’m getting ahead of myself. See ya Wednesday!


    • Nah, I just accidentally set the post to go up one hour earlier than the actual comic. Automatically ‘fixed’ itself an hour later. Enjoy!

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