Near Elite’s A Proper Round returns, too

Last Monday, we brought back Near Elite’s series About. Today, we have another long-lost classic: A Proper Round!

Created by Near Elite with some writing help here and there by his longtime buddy Kazumi, A Proper Round is a comedy series based around Swedish humor skits from the ’90s and early 2000’s, which Near wanted to bring to a more global audience on the Internet. It’s safe to say he succeeded, as the series is still hilarious even today. Even Near himself admits it had too short a run! Perhaps you can bring it back someday, eh Near? *wink wink*

The series consisted of 9 issues, but issue 8 won’t be re-released per Near’s request as he is not satisfied with its content. We’ll just get started with #1 today, Drink Up! Just click the banner below to get started:

I may or may not have something else in store for Friday (it all really depends on how my week actually goes, to be honest), but in either case you can be sure to have more comics in the, heh, Near future. So stay tuned!

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