Screenshot Highlights: January 11 – January 18

Hello and welcome to a brand new feature here at Metrocop!

You may or may not remember we used to have a feature a couple of years ago called the Comics Roundup, where we highlighted Garry’s Mod comics posted throughout that week. Now, sadly, while we have a few releases here and there, it’s not as common to justify keeping it as a regular thing.
However, as I mentioned on our 2017 Year in Review, Metrocop was very lucky late last year to welcome a lot of Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker screenshot creators who opted to leave their former forums of choice. These fantastic artists are far more active than us old comic makers and produce stunning images on a regular basis, so I wanted to find some way to highlight them here on the blog.

Therefore, I’m happy to debut Screenshot Highlights, where I’ll be posting some of the best Garry’s Mod/SFM screenshots posted on the Metrocop forums’ Screenshots section throughout the week! This will be a regular feature, usually on Fridays, for as long as people keep posting amazing shots. Bringing these works of art to your attention is the least I can do to thank these talents for choosing Metrocop.

Also, while I probably won’t post every single screenshot posted every week depending on how much activity there is, that doesn’t necessarily mean the unposted screenshots are somehow “worse” or “bad”. It just means I picked a few I liked, but the rest are equally as good and I’ll leave a link to the forums at the end of every post so you can go check out the rest.

Now that that’s out of the way and without further ado, here’s some fantastic images made in the Source engine from the past week (January 11 to January 18)!

“A gem of the old world”, by Slim Charles

Click for higher resolution (3840 × 1827 pixels)

Scorched Earth, by Ninja_Nub

Scorched Earth, by Ninja_Nub
Click for higher resolution (2800 x 1575 pixels)

MM, by Kuro

MM, by Kuro
Click for higher resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)

Crusaders advance through a charred field that was burned by incendiary bomb, by Creatrick (from Espionage Wars)

Crusaders advance through a charred field that was burned by incendiary bomb, by Creatrick (from Espionage Wars)
Click for higher resolution (1820 × 1032 pixels)

Like I said, there’s quite a few more in the Metrocop forums’ Screenshots section, so head on over! And if you’re looking for comics, just wait till Monday for some more Near Elite, and have a nice weekend!

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