About – cs_office (Teaser)

Hiya! Sorry, life’s been a bit hectic so I didn’t get the time to do a Screenshot Highlights for last week – I’ll either post one later today or just lump last week’s screenshots with this week’s on Friday. Probably the latter, but in the meantime, we still got comics to get to!

Now, today’s About comic is a bit of a weird offshoot. For some reason, Near Elite treated it as a ‘teaser’ for his upcoming cs_office issue, although this one is actually completely different from that! So in essence, he made two different About – cs_office comics, but this one’s called a teaser. Odd. Hey, let’s check Near’s comments, maybe he explains it…

No comments.

… oh. Okay. I guess we’ll never know! Well, at least you get two great comics for the price of one. Er, I mean, these are free anyway, but, you know… ah, I’ll just let you read it. Enjoy!

If you liked that, good news: you get a sort-of sequel next week! Meanwhile, check back later throughout the week for more comics and screenshots. Thanks for visiting!

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