A Proper Round #7

Hello! We’re nearing the very end of Near Elite’s A Proper Round, but we’ll still get the exclusive chance to get Ronald Andersson’s explanation of a common phenomenon we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives… just read the comic to find out which!

 Near actually had a few things to say about this particular issue:

#7 is sadly a bit too long, and I don’t think it does very well in comic form. The original comedy skit is, however, hilarious.

I’m not sure I agree; I thought #7 was pretty funny! Do you agree?

Now, I know this is a bit irregular, but we’re actually gonna be skipping #8 next week and going straight for #9, the final one. That’s because Near Elite doesn’t wish to repost #8 for his own reasons, which I understand completely. It’s a bit sad that we won’t have the complete series but, to be fair, he does make it sound like we’re not missing much. #9 is pretty great anyhow, glad to get to that sooner!

And hey, I’ll see you again in March!

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