About – Alafors Part 1

Hey, thanks for dropping by! You’re just in time for Near Elite’s About to break new ground in not one but two ways: first, by being the first story arc rather than a standalone issue, and second… ah, I can’t spoil that for you, you have to read it for yourself. Go ahead:

Have you read it yet? Because otherwise Near’s comments will spoil it for you. You’ve been warned!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the first one aboard the “combine gmod and reality” train, but I remember it was a fun little project, and I learned some neat Photoshop tricks in the process.

Personally I remember a couple of instances of that happening, but Near Elite might have still been one of the first. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who did it first, all it matters is that it’s fun.

Sadly, Alafors Part 2 isn’t coming right away, as Near got somewhat sidetracked for a few issues. Next week’s comics are pretty fun though, so see ya then!

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