About – To Be a Comic-Maker

Hi! Today’s About by Near Elite is a little different from the usual norm. So far, the series has always been about locations – even the last one, set in real life, was focused on a particular place -, but this is where About starts to diverge into being about random things, not just maps. And it starts off with a pretty encompassing topic – being a comic maker.

If you’re confused about the reviews bit, Near has some clarifications for you:

Back in the days there was a 1-5 rating system on the Facepunch Forums. Getting 5’s felt great. Getting 1’s was like the greatest insult of all. So of course my salty young self would rant about it.

Also, how fascinating is it that Facepunch remained virtually identical aesthetically from at least 2006 up until a few months back? Man, we’re all fossils these days, huh.

Anyhow, next up on Wednesday is another About comic not focused on maps, so stick around!

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