About – de_cbble

Hello, sweeties! I may be up to my ears in very important, stressful IRL work, but there’s no way I could leave you hanging. ❤

Today’s About by Near Elite goes back to basics, bringing you an installment based around a Counter-Strike: Source map. This time, as the title of the post plainly states, it’s the classic de_cbble:

Even the usually self-deprecating Near Elite seems to have enjoyed this one just fine:

This one I found okay and a bit funny, if only a bit weird…

Weird doesn’t make it any less true, that grenade spam was a nightmare.

Anyhow! We’ll be back next week at our usual schedule (if I can keep up, at least) with more About. I wanted to have something ready for April Fools on Sunday, but… well, I had started work a month back, but the job got in the way and I got nothin’. I might post just something small to mark the occasion, but no promises!

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