About – To be a Girl, Part 1

Ahem… hello there and welcome to another installment of Near Elite’s About! How was Easter for you? Sorry we didn’t get to April Fools this time around, but to be honest, it’s gotten kind of stale anyway.

Anyway, where was I…? Ah, yes! This time around we’re sort of switching the schedule a bit. You see, Near’s archive had some unnumbered comics lying around, but also some missing issue numbers – as in, for example, #14 jumps straight to #16, and that’s not the only case.
Now, I have no idea whether this is right or not, but I’m assuming some of these numberless issues were meant to be the missing numbers, so I’m just gonna put them here in the gaps. Taking into account that some of the numbered issues reference those so-called unnumbered issues, it’s the order that makes most sense, so I’m gonna go with that. Does that make sense? Okay? Okay.

So without further ado, here’s the start of a small and random, yet incredibly charming story arc: About – To be a Girl. Bet you can’t guess what happens in this issue from the name alone!

Here’s what Near had to say about the whole story arc:

This one had some cute moments. I don’t remember it being this long! And my past self seems thankful that it finally got to its end.

Yeah, we’ll… get to that. Taking into account what I explained earlier, next issue will actually not continue the storyline straight away, but we’ll get back to it every soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for more shenanigans from your ol’ Metrocop pals!

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