About – Everything is Against Me!

What up! We keep making “about” our number 1 keyword thanks to Near Elite’s seminal Garry’s Mod comic series, About. This time: Near Elite gets pissy because 2005-era multiplayer servers were terrible, and namedrops another classic auteur in the process. Enjoy!

Near Elite himself wonders about the strange numbering of his own series in his commentary:

No #15? Weird. Anyway, another salty issue about Steam and stuff not working like it should. but the “you can’t think, Frank” line I had no memory of whatsoever, and made me chuckle.

Yeah, that’s a good’un. Lelele.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but these comics keep steadily improving both in terms of humor as well as posing and editing – I suppose we’re getting to the point where Near Elite, fan-favorite amateur, becomes Near Elite, Tribal Rose founder and all-time MVP. The best, though, is yet to come, so come back soon for more!

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